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My big 13 for the rest of the year! Yeah I keep up on these things. #Obsessed

My big 13 for the rest of the year! Yeah I keep up on these things. #Obsessed

So I know I’m a hardcore geek and most people will just go past this post without a thought but I couldn’t resist. I am really critical about movies because I have such a love for them. It stopped being just entertainment for me along time ago and became more of an art that brings entertainment when done right. My biggest fight with people is Raimi’s Spider-man Trilogy vs. The Amazing Spider-man. This link really captures the essence of true Spider-man mythos in comparison to the movies. And for the girls, it isn’t biased about the actors based on their good looks alone. I am not here to change anyone’s mind, I’m just here to show you why you are wrong ;) And Marvel when you read this I am available for hire, not that I wrote this article or anything.


Patton Oswalt’s Parks and Rec Star Wars Filibuster

The force is strong in this one.

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Reason for my Tumblr account.

I think it is fun being involved in all kinds of social networks and recently seen a friend here in the Chi Alpha house use Tumblr and I thought it was pretty neat so I checked it out. This is my first blog and at least for awhile I’m just gonna wing it. Kind of the point I think. Anyways I titled my blog “It’s A Geek Life” because for one I am a hardcore geek and use to be kind of self conscious about it for reasons I’m not even sure about anymore. I now pride myself in being a geek because it is part of me and I cannot and will not change the geek in me. I started thinking about what a geek is and of course for me I automatically just thought of what I geek which is basically…superheroes, the latest and greatest technology, good books, music of pretty much all times except country, singing, movies, and basically anything else that might interest me on a day to day basis. After contemplating this I realized that everyone is a geek some people use different words to describe themselves like an enthusiast or artist or book worm but really these are all just synonyms of each other. So no matter what you geek these things makes us unique from everyone else but they also can bring us closer together so this is a blog for not just me but all geeks… and that’s why ” It’s A Geek Life”.